International Institute for Buddhist Studies

List of Publications

I. Lambert Schmithausen,
The Genesis of Yogacara-Vijnanavada: Responses and Reflections (2014). Paper, 740 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-71-2. 2,400 yen.

I. Paul M. Harrison,
The Tibetan Text of the Pratyutpanna-Buddha-Sammukhavasthita-Samadhi-Sutra (1978). Paper, xxi, 241 pages. ISBN 4-906267-06-8. 2,800 yen.

II. J. W. de Jong,
Textcritical Remarks on the Bodhisattvavadanakalpalata (Pallavas 42-108) (1979). Paper, x, 303 pages. ISBN 4-906267-08-4. 2,100 yen.

III. Jampa Losang Panglung,
Die Erzählstoffe des Mulasarvastivada-Vinaya analysiert auf Grund der tibetischen Übersetzung (1981). Paper, xxxv, 313 pages. ISBN 4-906267-12-2. 3,700 yen.

IV. Lambert Schmithausen,
Alayavijnana: On the Origin and the Early Development of a Central Concept of Yogacara Philosophy (1987). - Out-of-print. ISBN 4-906267-20-3.
Reprint with Addenda and Corrigenda (2007). 2 volumes. ISBN 978-4-906267-56-9. 2,800 yen.
   Part I: Text. Paper, xi, 241 pages.
   Part II: Notes, Bibliograghy and Indexes. Paper, 242-705 pages.

V. Paul M. Harrison, (Out of Stock)
The Samadhi of Direct Encounter with the Buddhas of the Present: An Annotated English Translation of the Tibetan Version of the Pratyutpanna-Buddha-Sammukhavasthita-Samadhi-Sutra (1990). Paper, xxxviii, 345 pages. ISBN 4-906267-21-1. 2,500 yen.

VI. Lambert Schmithausen, (Out of Stock) Available Online
The Problem of the Sentience of Plants in Earliest Buddhism (1991). Paper, vii, 122 pages. ISBN 4-906267-24-6. 1,000 yen.

VII. Paul M. Harrison,
Druma-kinnara-raja-pariprccha-sutra: A Critical Edition of the Tibetan Text (Recension A) based on Eight Editions of the Kanjur and the Dunhuang Manuscript Fragment (1992). Paper, lviii, 359 pages (1 plate ad interim). ISBN 4-906267-25-4. 2,700 yen.

VIII. Marek Mejor,
Ksemendra's Bodhisattvavadanakalpalata: Studies and Materials (1992). Paper, 108 pages. ISBN 4-906267-27-0. 1,000 yen.

IX. Gadjin M. Nagao,
An Index to Asanga's Mahayanasamgraha (1994). 2 volumes. ISBN 4-906267-34-3. 2,500 yen.
   Part One: Tibetan-Sanskrit-Chinese. Paper, xviii, 152 pages.
   Part Two: Sanskrit-Tibetan-Chinese. Paper, x, 154 pages.

X. Fernand Tola and Carmen Dragonetti,
The Avayavinirakarana of Pandita Asoka, Sanskrit Text edited with an annotated English Translation (1994). Paper, xxi, 145 pages. ISBN 4-906267-35-1. 1,300 yen.

XI. Collett Cox,
Disputed Dharmas: Early Buddhist Theories on Existence, An Annotated Translation of the Section on Factors Dissociated from Thought from Sanghabhadra's Nyayanusara (1995). Paper, xxiii, 479 pages. ISBN 4-906267-36-X. 3,200 yen.

XII. Mark Allon, (Out of Stock) Available Online
Style and Function: A study of the dominant stylistic features of the prose portions of Pali canonical sutta texts and their mnemonic function (1997). Paper, xiv, 394 pages. ISBN 4-906267-40-8. 3,200 yen.

XIII. Madhav M. Deshpande,
Milindapanha-Atthakatha (1999). Paper, 34, 431 pages. ISBN 4-906267-42-4. 3,000 yen.

XIV. Jinhua Chen,
Making and Remaking History: A Study of Tiantai Sectarian Historiography (1999). Paper, xi, 202 pages. ISBN 4-906267-43-2. 2,400 yen.

XV. Johannes Bronkhorst,
Karma and Teleology: A problem and its solutions in Indian philosophy (2000). Paper, iii, 142 pages. ISBN 4-906267-44-0. 1,100 yen.

XVI. Ratna Handurukande,
Three Sanskrit Texts on Caitya Worship: In Relation to the Ahoratravrata (2000). Paper, xxv, 132 pages. ISBN 4-906267-45-9. 1,000 yen.

XVII. H.W. Bodewitz and Minoru Hara (eds.), Contents
Gedenkschrift J.W. de Jong (2004). Paper, xx, 257 pages. ISBN 4-906267-50-5. 2,400 yen.

XVIII. Robert Kritzer, (Out of Stock) Available Online
Vasubandhu and the Yogacarabhumi: Yogacara Elements in the Abhidharmakosabhasya (2005). Paper, xxxvii, 417 pages. ISBN 4-906267-51-3. 1,700 yen.

XIX. Jonathan A. Silk,
Body Language: Indic sarira and Chinese sheli in the Mahaparinirvana-sutra and Saddharmapundarika (2006). Paper, iii, 102 pages. ISBN 4-906267-53-X. 700 yen.

XX. Florin Deleanu, (Out of Stock) Available Online: Vol. I, Vol. II
The Chapter on the Mundane Path (Laukikamarga) in the Sravakabhumi: A Trilingual Edition (Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese), Annotated Translation, and Introductory Study (2006). 2 volumes. 3,100 yen (set price).
   Volume I: Introductory Study, Sanskrit Diplomatic Edition, Sanskrit Critical Edition. Paper, 354 pages. ISBN 4-906267-54-8. 1,600 yen.
   Volume II: Tibetan Edition, Chinese Edition, English Translation, Bibliography, Index. Paper, 327 pages. ISBN 4-906267-55-6. 1,500 yen.

XXI. Ulrich Pagel,
Mapping the Path: Vajrapadas in Mahayana Literature (2007). Paper, ii, 138 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-57-6. 700 yen.

XXII. Michael Hahn (ed.),
Haribhatta in Nepal: Ten Legends from His Jatakamala and the Anonymous Sakyasimhajataka. Editio Minor (2007). Paper, vi, 197 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-58-3. 900 yen.

XXIII. Dorji Wangchuk, (Out of Stock) Available Online
The Resolve to Become a Buddha: A Study of the Bodhicitta Concept in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism (2007). Paper, 453 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-59-0. 1,700 yen.

XXIV. Orna Almogi,
Rong-zom-pa's Discourses on Buddhology: A Study of Various Conceptions of Buddhahood in Indian Sources with Special Reference to the Controversy Surrounding the Existence of Gnosis (jnana: ye shes) as Presented by the Eleventh-Century Tibetan Scholar Rong-zom Chos-kyi-bzang-po (2009). Paper, 549 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-62-0. 1,900 yen.

XXV. Jinhua Chen,
Crossfire: Shingon-Tendai Strife as Seen in Two Twelfth-century Polemics, with Special References to Their Background in Tang China (2010). Paper, xvi, 371 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-63-7. 1,400 yen.

XXVI. Achim Bayer,
The Theory of Karman in the Abhidharmasamuccaya (2010). Paper, 484 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-64-4. 1,700 yen.

XXVII. Michael Radich,
How Ajatasatru Was Reformed: The Domestication of "Ajase" and Stories in Buddhist History (2011). Paper, iii, 202 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-65-1. 800 yen.

XXVIII. Tilmann Vetter,
A Lexicographical Study of An Shigao’s and his Circle’s Chinese Translations of Buddhist Texts (2012). Paper, 344 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-66-8. 1,200 yen.

XXIX. Ernst Steinkellner,
Dharmakirtis frühe Logik: Annotierte Übersetzung der logischen Teile von Pramanavarttika 1 mit der Vrtti (2013). 2 volumes. 2,100 yen.
   I. Introduction, Übersetzung, Analyse. Paper, xliv, 142 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-67-5.
   II. Introduction, Anmerkungen, Anhänge etc. Paper, ix, 454 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-68-2.

XXX. Rita Langer,
Sermon Studies and Buddhism: A Case Study of Sri Lankan Preaching (2013). Paper, vi, 238 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-69-9. 900 yen.

XXXI. Robert Kritzer,
Garbhavakrantisutra: The Sutra on Entry into the Womb (2014). Paper, x, 438 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-70-5. 1,600 yen.

XXXII. Ulrich Timme Kragh,
Tibetan Yoga and Mysticism: A Textual Study of the Yogas of Naropa and Mahamudra Meditation in the Medieval Tradition of Dags po (2015). Paper, 708 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-72-9. 2,700 yen.

XXXIII. Haiyan Hu-von Hinüber,
Sambhoga: Die Zugehörigkeit zur Ordensgemeinschaft im frühen Jainismus und Buddhismus (2016). Paper, 158 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-73-6. 900 yen.

XXXIV. Lambert Schmithausen,
Collected Papers. Volume I: 1963-1977. Edited by Florin Deleanu, Shin'ichirō Hori, Mudagamuwe Maithrimurthi, and Alexander von Rospatt (2016). Paper, xxxiii, 527 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-74-3. 2,200 yen.
Collected Papers. Volume II: 1978–1999. Edited by Mudagamuwe Maithrimurthi, Michael Pahlke, Alexander von Rospatt (2023). Paper, xiii, 710 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-82-8. 2,900 yen.

XXXV. Ernst Steinkellner,
Early Indian Epistemology and Logic: Fragments from Jinendrabuddhi's Pramanasamuccayatika 1 and 2 (2017). Paper, xxvii, 282 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-75-0. 1,300 yen.

XXXVI. Vincent Eltschinger, John Taber, Michael Torsten Much and Isabelle Ratié,
Dharmakirti's Theory of Exclusion (apoha). Part I. On Concealing. An Annotated Translation of Pramanavarttikasvavrtti 24,16–45,20 (Pramanavarttika 1.40–91) (2018). Paper, xi, 211 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-76-7. 1,100 yen.

XXXVII. Akira Saito (in chief), Daigo Isshiki, Koichi Takahashi, Toshio Horiuchi, Hisataka Ishida, Kuninori Matsuda, and Shiori Ijuin,
The Seventy-five Elements (dharma) of Sarvastivada in the Abhidharmakosabhasya and Related Works. Bauddhakosa: A Treasury of Buddhist Terms and Illustrative Sentences. Volume VI (2018). Paper, xiv, 165 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-77-4. 900 yen.

XXXVIII. Alexander Zorin,
Tibetan Studies in Russia: A Historical Sketch (2020). Paper, 278 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-79-8. 1,300 yen.

XXXIX. David Higgins,
Heartfelt Advice: Yang dgon pa’s Song of the Seven Direct Introductions with Commentary by ’Ba’ ra ba Rgyal mtshan dpal bzang (2022). Paper, 387 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-80-4. 1,700 yen.

XL. Izumi Miyazaki (in chief), Takeshi Yokoyama, Eisaku Okada, Yūki Takatsukasa, Genkai Hayashi, Keiki Nakayama, Tatsunori Takeda, and Kaworu Kominami,
The Seventy-five Elements (dharma) in the Madhyamakapañcaskandhaka. Bauddhakośa: A Treasury of Buddhist Terms and Illustrative Sentences. Volume VIII (2022). Paper, xxv, 150 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-81-1. 900 yen.

I. Michael Hahn,
Haribhatta and Gopadatta: Two Authors in the Succession of Aryasura. On the Rediscovery of Parts of Their Jatakamalas (1977). Paper, iv, 40 pages. - Out-of-print. ISBN 4-906267-01-7.
Second Edition Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged (1992). Paper, viii, 76 pages. ISBN 4-906267-29-7. 800 yen.

II. Akira Yuyama and Hirohumi Toda, (Out of Stock) Available Online
The Huntington Fragment F of the Saddharmapundarikasutra (1977, reprinted 1980). Paper, iv, 15 pages (2 plates ad interim). ISBN 4-906267-02-5. 500 yen.

III. Ronald E. Emmerick, (Out of Stock) Available Online
A Guide to the Literature of Khotan (1979). Paper, vii, 63 pages. - Out-of-print. ISBN 4-906267-09-2.
Second Edition Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged (1992). Paper, ix, 61 pages. ISBN 4-906267-30-0. 700 yen.

IV. Akira Yuyama, (Out of Stock) Available Online
Sanskrit Fragments of the Mahayana Mahaparinirvanasutra, I. Koyasan Manuscript (1981). Paper, vii, 46 pages. ISBN 4-906267-11-4. 900 yen.

V. Akira Yuyama, (Out of Stock) Available Online
Kacchapa-Jataka: Eine Erzählung von der Schildkröte und dem Kranzwinder (1983). Paper, xxii, 42 pages. ISBN 4-906267-15-7. 1,000 yen.

VI. G. M. Bongard-Levin,
New Sanskrit Fragments of the Mahayana Mahaparinirvanasutra (Central Asian Manuscript Collection at Leningrad) (1986). Paper, xxiii, 46 pages, 12 plates. ISBN 4-906267-18-1. 1,200 yen.

VII. Lambert Schmithausen,
Buddhism and Nature. The Lecture delivered on the Occasion of the EXPO 1990. An Enlarged Version with Notes (1991, reprinted 2003). Paper, vii, 67 pages. ISBN 4-906267-23-8. 1,200 yen.

VIII. Tsugunari Kubo,
A Study Concerning the Acceptance and Reconstruction of a Philosophy in its Assimilation into a Different Culture ― 道 (tao) in Kumarajiva's Translation of the Lotus Sutra ― (1994). Paper, 51 pages. ISBN 4-906267-33-5. 600 yen.

IX. Michael Aris, (Out of Stock) Available Online
'Jigs-med-gling-pa's "Discourse on India" of 1789: A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation of the lHo-phyogs rgya-gar-gyi gtam brtag-pa brgyad-kyi me-long (1995). Paper, iv, 88 pages. ISBN 4-906267-37-8. 1,100 yen.

X. Herbert Guenther, (Out of Stock) Available Online
The Full-Fledged Khyung-chen Bird: An Essay in Freedom as the Dynamics of Being (1996). Paper, xi, 90 pages. ISBN 4-906267-38-6.

XI. Ruben L. F. Habito, (Out of Stock) Available Online
Originary Enlightenment: Tendai Hongaku Doctrine and Japanese Buddhism (1996). Paper, xiii, 97 pages. ISBN 4-906267-39-4. 900 yen.

XII. Imre Hamar,
A Religious Leader in the Tang: Chengguan's Biography (2002). Paper, 90 pages. ISBN 4-906267-49-1. 700 yen.

XIII. Lambert Schmithausen, (Out of Stock) Available Online
On the Problem of the External World in the Ch'eng wei shih lun (2005). Paper, 67 pages. ISBN 4-906267-52-1. 500 yen.

XIV. Frédéric Girard,
The Stanza of the Bell in the Wind: Zen and Nenbutsu in the Early Kamakura Period (2007). Paper, iii, 83 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-60-6. 500 yen.

I. Edward Conze,
The Prajnaparamita Literature. Second, revised and enlarged edition. Published by the Department for Scientific Publications, The Reiyukai, Tokyo, 1978. Clothbound, viii, 138 pages. ISBN 4-89298-797-2.
* This item can be ordered from Inner Trip Publishing. Its address & phone number are mentioned in the last page of this list.

II. Yoshiro Imaeda,
Catalogue du Kanjur tibétain de l'édition de 'Jang sa-tham. 2 volumes. ISBN 4-906267-13-0. 2,600 yen.
   Première partie: Edition en fac-similé avec introduction (1982). Paper, 103 pages (incl. 68 pages of plates).
   Seconde partie: Texte en translittération (1984). Paper, 112 pages.

IIIa. Musashi Tachikawa in collaboration with Tsulkrim Kelsang and Shunzo Onoda, Out of Stock
A Catalogue of the United States Library of Congress Collection of Tibetan Literature in Microfische. With a foreword by E. Gene Smith (1983). Paper, xiv, 353 pages. ISBN 4-906267-14-9.
IIIb. Musashi Tachikawa and Yasuhiko Nagano in collaboration with Shunzo Onoda and Fujio Taniguchi,
A Catalogue of the United States Library of Congress Collection of Tibetan Literature in Microfische, Part II (1988). Paper, viii, 406 pages. ISBN 4-906267-14-9.
* IIIa and IIIb make one set. 8,000 yen.

IV. Tadeusz Skorupski,
A Catalogue of the Stog Palace Kanjur (1985). Paper, xxvi, 366 pages. ISBN 4-906267-17-3. 4,100 yen.

V. Helmut Eimer,
Location List for the Texts in the Microfische Editon of the Phug brag Kanjur: Compiled from the Microfische Edition and Jampa Samten's Descriptive Catalogue (1993). Paper, xii, 126 pages. ISBN 4-906267-32-7. 1,100 yen.

VI. Hartmut Walravens,
Eugen Pander und seine lamaistische Sammlung: Rekonstruktion der als Kriegsverlust geltenden bedeutenden ehemaligen Berliner Bestände (2019). Paper, 230 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-78-1. 1,000 yen.

I. Helmut Eimer, (Out of Stock) Available Online
Die Xerokopie des Lhasa-Kanjur / The Xerox Copy of the Lhasa Kanjur (1977, reprinted 1979). Paper, iv, 41 pages. ISBN 4-906267-03-3. 600 yen.

II. Hirofumi Toda,
Note on the Kashgar Manuscript of the Saddharmapundarikasutra (1977, reprinted 1980). Paper, iv, 39 pages. ISBN 4-906267-04-1. 600 yen.

III. David A. Utz, (Out of Stock) Available Online
A Survey of Buddhist Sogdian Studies (1978, reprinted 1980). Paper, iv, 26 pages. ISBN 4-906267-05-X.

IV. Helmut Eimer, (Out of Stock) Available Online
The Tibetan Indexes (dkar chag) to the Collected Works (bka' 'bum) of A kya gsan 'dzin rdo rje (1980). Paper, iv, 42 pages. ISBN 4-906267-10-6. 600 yen.

V. G. M. Bongard-Levin and M. I. Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya,
Indian Texts from Central Asia (Leningrad Manuscript Collection) (1986). Paper, v, 42 pages. ISBN 4-906267-19-X. 700 yen.

I. Akira Yuyama,
A Select Bibliography on the Sanskrit Language for the Use of Students in Buddhist Philology (1982). Paper, iv, 17 pages. - Out-of-print. ISBN 4-906267-16-5.
A Revised Edition (1992). Paper, vi, [2], 24 pages. ISBN 4-906267-28-9. 400 yen.

II. Akira Yuyama,
Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscript Collections: A Bibliographical Guide for the Use of Students in Buddhist Philology (1992). Paper, xi, 28 pages. ISBN 4-906267-31-9. 500 yen.

III. Yasuhiro Sueki, Out of Stock
Bibliographical Sources for Buddhist Studies: from the Viewpoint of Buddhist Philology (1998). Paper, xxii, 195 pages. ISBN 4-906267-41-6. 4,400 yen (set price including Addenda I-III).
   Addenda I (1999). Paper, 49 pages. ISBN 4-906267-46-7. 500 yen.
   Addenda II (2000). Paper, viii, 72 pages. ISBN 4-906267-47-5. 700 yen.
   Addenda III (2001). Paper, xiv, 146 pages. ISBN 4-906267-48-3. 1,300 yen.
Second Edition Revised and Enlarged (2008). Paper, xxvii, 810 pages. ISBN 978-4-906267-61-3. 3,100 yen.

Buddhism and Nature: Proceedings of an International Symposium on the Occasion of EXPO 1990, edited by Akira Yuyama / 国際シンポジウム 仏教と自然 (1991). Paper, 129 pages.
[Text in English and Japanese; Panel contributions by Noritoshi Aramaki, Yuichi Kajiyama, Shigeo Kamata, Sakyo Komatsu and Lambert Schmithausen.] ISBN 4-906267-22-X. 1,000 yen.

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