HOMELibraryOld Buddhist Manuscripts in Japanese Collections (OBMJC) Database Usage Guide

Old Buddhist Manuscripts in Japanese Collections (OBMJC) Database Usage Guide

Access to the OBMJC Database for viewing or copying is possible only from special PC terminals situated on the 1st floor of the Library. Access hours and procedure closely follow the timetable and provisions adopted by the Library.

Library hours

OpenMonday through Friday (during semester): 10:00 - 18:00
ClosedSaturdays and Sundays, National holidays, Year-end and New Year's holidays,
18 May (Anniversary of the founding of the college), and inventory periods.
(During spring, summer, and winter vacations, library hours change to a different schedule.)


  • In case you wish to use the OBMJC Database, please contact us by phone, fax, letter, or e-mail and let us know the date you plan to visit us. We shall check whether the Library is opened on your planned date of visit.
  • Please make sure to bring with you the following documents upon your visit. For any further details or queries, please contact our staff.
    Visitor Necessary papers

    Alumni of ICPBS ・Any ID type (in case status, address, etc. change)
    Faculties & research staff of other academic institutions ・Any ID type
    Undergraduate &
    Postgraduate students
    ・A letter of introduction from supervisor or library of institution of affiliation
    ・Student ID
    Persons not affiliated to academic institutions ・A letter of introduction issued by a local public library (Please enquire the public library located nearest your permanent place of residence, whether in Japan or abroad, about the possibility to issue such a letter)
    ・Any ID type
  • Upon arrival, visitors are required to fill in an application form.

Copying Policy

  • Visitors are allowed to reproduce digital images of the manuscripts only by printing out the data provided by our PC terminals. Copying the data by any electromagnetic method, etc. as well as taking photographs of the screen is prohibited.
  • Visitors sitors shall print out the data in accordance with the instructions received from the Library staff.

Usage and Reproduction of Data

  • In case data obtained from the OBMJC Database is cited or discussed in any type of publication or public presentation, it is incumbent upon the visitor to acknowledge his/her indebtedness and sent a copy of his/her publication or presentation to the Director of the ICPBS Library.
  • In cases in which a visitor intends to reproduce OBMJC images in facsimile edition(s)
    or produce diplomatic edition(s) based upon such images, he/she must obtain the
    formal approval of the institution or individual possessing the original material. For
    such purposes, please contact the Library staff in advance.
  • The usage of the copies made from the OBMJC Database shall be restricted to the person who has made them.

Prohibited Items

  • False personation
  • Improper usage of the OBMJC data or aiding and abetting such usage
  • Exclusive usage or dissipation of the OBMJC data
  • Unauthorised alteration or destruction of the OBMJC data or its computer programme
  • Damage of the computer equipment providing access to the OBMJC Database
  •  Any other act which may interfere with the normal operation of the OBMJC Database

For more information please contact

ICPBS Library, Research Section
2-8-9 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0003

国際仏教学大学院大学附属図書館 調査課
〒112-0003 東京都文京区春日2-8-9
電話:03-5981-5277 FAX:03-5981-5284
E-mail: licabs@icabs.ac.jp

This site can only display digital images of the first folio of the manuscripts (one cut).