Scholarships and tuition deduction for privately-financed students

ICPBS Scholarship

The College offers the maximum number of ten scholarships (but not half over the number of registered students). This is for students with an excellent record and proven financial need. Value: 80,000 or 180,000 per month depending on his/her academic excellence.

Tuition deduction for privately-financed students

Privately financed students who are regular students of our college may be allowed a partial or a full deduction on their tuition.

  • Details of the above scheme and information concerning scholarships and tuition deduction which the College students are entitled to apply for are available at the time of application.

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship

Non-Japanese nationals residing outside of Japan can apply for Japanese government scholarship through Japanese embassies or consulate-generals overseas. They should contact the Japanese embassy in their own country or region for details.