January 29
Lecturer: Prof. Alexis Sanderson
Title: The Śaiva Source of the Account of the Ritual of Initiation in the Major Buddhist Yoginītantra Laghvabhidhāna

January 16
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Robert Kritzer
Title: First Impressions of Sangs rgyas kyi mdzod, a Tibetan Sūtra translated from the Chinese


November 1
Lecturer: Dr. Martin Straube
Title: Towards a New Edition of the Vessantara-­Jātaka

February 14
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Kirill Solonin
Title: Transmission and Translation: Why and How We Study Tangut Buddhist Texts


November 22
Lecturer: Dr. Anne MacDonald
Title: Neutralizing the Insider Threat: The Madhyamaka Assimilation of the Three-Nature Theory

October 11
Lecturer: Dr. Christopher Jones
Title: From ‘Nature of the Buddha’ to ‘Buddha-Nature’: Studying versions of the Mahāmeghasūtra (Dayun jing 大雲經), and in relation to the translation work of Dharmakṣema (Tanwuchen 曇無讖, 385–433)


December 20
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Mathes
Title: Three-Nature Models of Reality

October 29
Lecturer: Dr. David Higgins
Title: Mi bskyod rdo rje on the Question of What Remains (lhag ma, avaśiṣṭa)

July 9
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Paul Harrison
Title: Encountering Mañjuśrī on the Silk Road: Reflections on an Obscure Dhāraṇī Text and Its Broader Significance


July 10
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Witzel
Title: Beyond the Flight of the Falcon — Recent Developments regarding the Immigration of the Indo-Aryans to India

June 26
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. He Huanhuan
Title: 清弁作『大乗掌珍論』再考-テキスト、構成、空性説とその論証をめぐって-


October 10
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Dorji Wangchuk
Title: There Is Ultimately Not Even One Truth, Let Alone Four! The Concept of One Truth/Reality (ekaṃ satyam: bden pa gcig) in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism

July 11
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Robert Sharf
Title: Making Philosophical Sense of Chan Cases (Zen kōan)

July 4
Lecturer: Dr. Wang Zhaoguo
Title: 唐鈔本『畫圖讚文』の作者について

April 21
Lecturer: Dr. Brian Ruppert
Title: Great Notes (Maka shō 摩訶鈔), Initiation Texts, and Transformations in Esoteric Buddhist Scripture in Early Medieval Japan

February 17
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Zimmermann
Title: The Pierced Foot: The Transformation of an Episode from the Buddha’s Life


October 7
Lecturer: Dr. Mudagamuwe Maithrimurthi
Title: Buddhist Meditation: Paths and Goals

July 15
Lecturer: Dr. Chao Zhang
Title: Chan Miscellanies and Controversy over the Religious Lineage of Chinese Buddhism under the Song

February 26
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Madhumita Chattopadhyay
Title: Mind and Consciousness in Abhidharma


September 18
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Imre Hamar
Title: The Khotanese Influence on Chinese Buddhism

June 19
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Paul Groner
Title: Controversies on Monastic Discipline 戒行 in Medieval Japanese Tendai


December 5
Lecturer: Dr. Sun Yinggang
Title: 武則天的七寶:佛教轉輪王的圖像、符號及其政治意涵

June 20
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Alexander von Rospatt
Title: Reinventing Nepalese Buddhism:
Notes on the Svayambhupurana, its Agenda, Literary History and Reception


November 12
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Mathes
Title: Indian and Tibetan Responses to Candrakirti’s Yogacara critique

July 12
Lecturer: Dr. Lin Min
Title: 從《續古今譯經圖紀》文本的變遷中所解明的《首楞嚴經》之謎

July 1
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Rupert Gethin
Title: The Good, Bad, and the Undetermined: Reflections on the Theravāda and Sarvāstivāda listing of dharmas


November 30
Lecturer: Dr. Shayne Clarke
Title: An Unnoticed Collection of Indian Buddhist Case Law: ’Dul bar byed pa of the Mūlasarvāstivādin Uttaragrantha

August 29
Lecturer: Prof. emer. Dr. Ernst Steinkellner
Title: Does Dharmakirti’s method to determine a causal relationship have a problem of induction?

June 22
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Zheng Acai 鄭阿財博士
Title: 文獻、文學與圖像:從敦煌吐魯番文書論五道將軍信仰


December 22
Lecturer: Dr. Martin Delhey
Title: How Buddhist is the Manjuśriyamūlakalpa?

December 16
Lecturer: Dr. Haiyan Hu-von Hinüber
Title: Vinaya Entries in the Mahāvyutpatti

December 2
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Giovanni Verardi
Title: A Game of Three: the Buddhists, the Brahmans and the Muslims in Gandhara and Greater Gandhara


November 5
Lecturer: Dr. Alexander Zorin
Title: Buddhist Hymns in Tibetan Literature: 8th – 14th Century

June 18
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. David P. Jackson
Title: Reflections of Enlightenment:
Painted Images of Founding Masters in Tibetan Buddhism

May 28
Lecturer: Dr. Christoph Cüppers
Title: Autobiographical remarks by the Regent Sangs-rgyas rgya-mtsho (1653-1705) on his Life and Work


December 11
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jean-Noël Robert
Title: Ju nyoze ni kansuru shakkyoka ni tsuite (in Japanese)

October 9
Lecturer: Dr. Peter Skilling
Title: Sakyamuni sets out on the path:
Four non-classical Pali Jatakas from Siam

January 13
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jonathan A. Silk
Title: What Can Students of Indian Buddhist Literature Learn from Biblical Text Criticism?


November 25
Lecturer: Dr. des. Orna Almogi
Title: The bsTan-‘gyur and Its Patrons and Editors:
The History of the Transmission of the ‘Treatises in Translation’ Based on Historical Sources

October 21
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Oskar von Hinüber
Title: Cremated like a King – Venerated like a God
The Funeral of the Buddha within the Ancient Indian Cultural Context

September 26
Lecturer: Dr. Dorji Wangchuk
Title: Appearances and Perceptions:
Tibetan Madhyamaka Exponents on Madhyamakavatara 6.69-71

January 21
Lecturer: Mr. Li Jining
Title: Guanyu jinnian faxiande Yuanguanzang


December 4
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Charles Willemen
Title: Kumarajiva and Abhidharma

November 13
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Bernard Faure
Title: Theoretical Approaches to Buddhist Mythology

July 2
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Hari Shankar Prasad
Title: The Centrality of Ethics in Buddhism


November 27
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Johannes Bronkhorst
Title: The background and religious and cultural context of early Buddhism

October 10
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Lambert Schmithausen
Title: Aspects of Spiritual Practice in Early Yogacara

March 28
Lecturer: Dr. phil. des. Martin Delhey
Title: Craving and Suicide in Buddhism
– Remarks on vibhavatrsna –

February 7
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Fang Guangchang
Title: Lingyin ji ni okeru Sodai baiyo kyo no hakken to kanbun bunken kara no kosatsu


July 12
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Witzel
Title: Between the Mauryan and Gupta empires:
Brahmanical reactions to foreign and Buddhist influences

June 20
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jan Nattier
Title: Re-thinking the Bodhisattva Path:
The “Ten Stages” According to the Smaller Buddhavatamsaka


December 7
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Lore Sander
Title: Two recensions of the Atanatiyasutra in Sanskrit,
preliminary remarks

November 16
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Max Deeg
Title: Buddhist Founding Myths in Central Asia:
The Case of Khotan

October 29
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jonathan Silk
Title: Reconsidering Relics: Revising a thesis on Indic shariira and Chinese sheli

September 7
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Oskar von Hinüber
Title: Daily Life in Buddhist Monasteries in Ancient India

April 27
Lecturer: Dr. Sylvie Hureau
Title: Predication and translation of sutras on posadha days in China,
adaptation of an Indian ceremony

April 13
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Albrecht Wezler
Title: Interior monologue as a literary device

February 10
Lecturer: Prof. Peter Skilling
Title: Cutting across Categories: Relics in Pali Texts, the Bhadrakalpika-sutra, and the Saddharmapundarika-sutra

January 27
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ashok Aklujkar
Title: A different sociolinguistics for Brahmins, Buddhists and Jains


December 9
Lecturer: Dr. Lore Sander
Title: Terminological Problems in Paleography

October 14
Lecturer: Dr. Mudagamuwe Maithrimurthi
Title: Classification of Nirvana as dharma/dhamma and its implications: Nirvana is not-self

September 22
Lecturer: Dr. Margarita I. Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya
Title: A Buddhist manuscript from Bairam-Ali (Merv oasis, Turkmenistan)

June 17
Lecturer: Dr. Michael Zimmermann
Title: Beneficent Partners or Unholy Allies?
Compassion and Violence in Indian Buddhism

May 20
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Juhyung Rhi
Title: Images, Relics, and Jewels:
the Gandharan Assimilation of Images in the Buddhist Relic Cult – or Vice Versa

April 15
Lecturer: Dr. Margaret Cone
Title: Writing A Dictionary of Pali

March 18
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Michael Witzel
Title: The Central Asian and Hindukush Background of Vedic Religion

March 11
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Boris Oguibenine
Title: How to describe Buddhist (Hybrid) Sanskrit:
A Contemporary Approach

February 18
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Max Deeg
Title: The “Stupa of Laying Down the Bows”
– A Pre-Buddhist Religious Monument and a Pan-Indian Legend –

January 28
Lecturer: Dr. Lucia Dolce
Title: Appropriating the esoteric landscape of mediaeval Japan:
Nichiren and the Lotus tradition


November 19
Lecturer: Dr. Nicoletta Celli
Title: The Life of the Buddha on Chinese Medieval Steles:
Problems of Iconography and Origins of the Images

November 5
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Frédéric Girard
Title: Myoe no yume, Dogen no yume (in Japanese)

March 11
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Giovanni Verardi
Title: Italian Archaeology in To-day Asia: Afghanistan, Nepal, China
– Ashoka Pillar in Gotihawa (Nepal) and its Surroundings –

February 5
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Hartmann
Title: New Buddhist Manuscripts from Afghanistan
– the “Dead Sea Scrolls of Buddhism”? –

January 29
Lecturer: Mrs. Harriet Hunter
Title: Faquan’s transmission: the iconographical source of the Rishukyo juhachie mandara


October 30
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ernst Steinkellner
Title: Once More on Circles

April 10
Lecturer: Dr. Harunaga Isaacson
Title: “Showing the continuity between the sutras and the tantras”:
Themes and Techniques in Ratnakarasanti’s Tantra-commentaries



December 6
Lecturer: Dr. Christoph Cüppers
Title: How to govern a Buddhist state? Some remarks on the regent Sangs-rgyas rgya-mtsho’s guidelines for government officials

November 21
Lecturer: Mr. Peter Skilling
Title: The Place of South-East Asia in Buddhist Studies

July 19
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Marek Mejor
Title: Some Observations on the Date of the Yuktidipika

February 1
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Cristina Scherrer-Schaub
Title: Tibetan Manuscripts around the First Millenium. A New Chapter in the Buddhist Text-Transmission

January 12
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Richard F. Gombrich
Title: Recent research into the earliest Buddhism


November 9
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Mislav Jezic
Title: The Role of the Woman during Conception according to Ancient Indian Medical Literature Indology in Croatia – Past and Present: Vicissitudes of a Discipline

June 29
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Asko Parpola
Title: The religious background of the Savitri legend

June 1
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Rahul Peter Das
Title: The Role of the Woman during Conception according to Ancient Indian Medical Literature

April 13
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Lambert Schmithausen
Title: Kusala: Good or skilful or what? Reconsidering the meaning of kusala/kusala in Buddhist texts

February 19
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Albrecht Wezler
Title: Should the adopted son be a close relative? – on the interpretation of the Vasistha Dharma Sutra 15.6 and 7 –


November 20
Lecturer: Dr. Max Deeg
Title: The “Sangha of Devadatta” – a vexed problem of Buddhist history and of the Histories of Buddhism

July 1
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Richard Salomon
Title: The British Library Kharosthi Manuscripts: A New Source for the Study of Gandharan Buddhism


November 19
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Johannes Bronkhorst
Title: Teleology in Indian Thought

October 1
Lecturer: Dr. Eli Franco
Title: Inferring the Future, Producing the Past: Prajnakaragupta’s extraordinary interpretation of pratityasamutpada


December 17
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Richard John Bowring
Title: “Ichihayaki Miyabi”: Poems and Adventures in the Tales of Ise

December 3
Lecturer: Dr. Mark William Allon
Title: The stylistic features of (early) Buddhist texts and their importance in the study of the formation, history and function of the literature

November 19
Lecturer: Dr. Gérard Colas
Title: Forms and functions of two ascetic devices in Vaisnava Vaikhanasa medieval temple rites

October 15
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Kenneth Roy Norman
Title: Buddhism and Asoka

September 25
Lecturer: Dr. Mahinda Deegalle
Title: Reconsidering Buddhist Preaching: Bana Tradition in Sri Lanka

May 20
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Johannes Bronkhorst
Title: “Words and things” – An episode in the history of Indian philosophy –