IIBS Research Fellow for the academic year 2012-2013

Dr. Shayne Clarke (McMaster University), IIBS Research Fellow for the period September to December 2012, holds a PhD from UCLA (2006). He conducts research in the area of Indian Buddhist monastic law (Vinaya). His forthcoming book, Family Matters in Indian Buddhist Monasticisms (Hawai‘i U.P.), deals with not only continued familial and marital relationships of Buddhist monks and nuns in India, but also “monastic motherhood,” how Indian Buddhist jurists (Vinayadharas) accommodated pregnant and nursing women into the sisterhood as bhikṣuṇīs. He is currently working on the problematic relationship, first noted by Bu sTon, between the bhikṣuṇī vibhaṅga and bhikṣuṇī prātimokṣa preserved in Tibetan. He is also continuing his work on the various sections of the Uttaragrantha preserved in Tibetan; as an IIBS Research Fellow he will focus on the little known ’Dul bar byed pa.