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  1. 唯識瑜伽行派
  2. 部派仏教
  3. アビダルマ文献
  4. 般若経典
  5. 漢訳仏典(梵漢比較研究)


  1. 『大乗入楞伽経』訳注研究
  2. 『瑜伽師地論』「声聞地」訳注研究
  3. 唯識瑜伽行派における修行道論の形成と展開



The Chapter on the Mundane Path (Laukikamārga) in the Śrāvakabhūmi: A Trilingual Edition (Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese), Annotated Translation, and Introductory Study. Tokyo: The International Institute of Buddhist Studies, 2006. (2 vols., 680 pp.). Electronic edition, 2015.

Lambert Schmithausen, Collected Papers (co-editor). Volume I: Tokyo: International Institute of Buddhist Studies, 2016. <Series in progress>

Contributions to joint volumes and group projects

‘Systems of Buddhist Meditation’. Chapter in Michael Zimmermann ed. Blackwell Companion to South and Southeast Asian Buddhism, Oxford: Blackwell Publishing (forthcoming 2018).

‘Bodhisattvabhūmi’. Entry for Oxford Bibliographies (Online version). New York: Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2018).

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‘Spiritual Cultivation in Yogācāra Buddhism’ 瑜伽行の実践 <In Japanese> Chapter in Katsura Shōryū et al. ed. Yogācāra and Vijñaptimātratā Thought 桂紹隆 他 編『瑜伽行と唯識思想』. Volume 7 of the Mahāyāna Buddhism Seriesシリーズ 大乗仏教. Tokyo: Shunju-sha 春秋社, 2012: 151-180.

Co-authored part of Japanese translation and study in Studies on the Manuscript Tripiṭaka of the Kongō-ji and the Newly Found Buddhist Scriptures 金剛寺一切経の基礎的研究と新出仏典の研究. Toshinori Ochiai, editor-in-chief. Tokyo: The International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies, 2004.

Contributions to academic journals

‘ The Laṅkāvatārasūtra: A Bibliographical Survey’. Bulletin of the International Institute for Buddhist Studies 1 (2018): 15-43.

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‘The Newly Found Text of the Anban shou yi jing 安般守意經 Translated by An Shigao 安世高’, Journal of the International College for Advanced Buddhist Studies 国際仏教学大学院大学研究紀要, 6 (2003): 63-100.

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‘An Shigao安世高and the History of the Anban shouyi jing安般守意經’ [Revisiting the Biography of the First Known Buddhist Translator in Chinese History], Asian Culture and Thought 論叢―アジアの文化と思想 2 (1993), pp.1-47.

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‘O perspectivă semiotică asupra progresului in artă’ (‘A Semiotic Perspective on Progress in Art’) <In Romanian>, Revista de filosofie (Journal of Philosophy), [published by the Romanian Academy] 32 (2) (1985): 146-153.

‘Filozofia limbii in China antică’ (‘Language Philosophy in Ancient China’) <In Romanian> Part I: Studii şi cercetări lingvistice (Linguistic Studies and Research) [published by the Romanian Academy], 35 (5) (1984): 452-465; Part II: Ibid. 35 (2) (1984): 94-103.





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